3 Tips For Planning a Fun and Affordable Family Cruise

how to find good deals on cruisesCruises are one of the best ways to go on an inclusive, family fun vacation. In fact, over 20 million people take cruises each year, and 37% of families report that cruise vacations are an excellent way to bond and relax. And while cruise vacations may seem expensive, many cruise lines offer steeply discounted fares that are all-inclusive, covering the cost of meals activities and accommodations. And with deals like that, there’s no reason not to enjoy a cruise!

Looking to sail away without blowing all of your paydays? Knowing how to find good deals on cruises is easy when you have a plan. Here are three tips for planning an affordable family cruise and cruise vacation ideas that are both fun and easy on the wallet:

Compare Prices
While the average passenger spends $1,770 per week on a cruise, good research skills can help you find great deals on cruises. Compare quotes on cruise marketplace sites. Many of these marketplaces will offer discounted cruise deals such as lower rates for children or group packages. In fact, some cruise lines even allow children to sail for free on select sailings. That being said, stay alert for bargains and deals as you continue your search.

Consider Cruising During Shoulder Season
If you want to know when is the best time to go on a cruise, there are two answers. Peak cruise season typically lasts from late-November through June. While the weather is often ideal for cruising during these periods, the rates are much higher. While off-season cruises can be with inclement weather, you’re often cashing in on a great deal. And while weather can pose a threat, cruise ships can switch courses at a moment’s notice. Staying in a hotel or resort would result in a very different and unfortunate outcome.

Book Shorter Cruises
While the typical cruise lasts for seven days, a weekend cruise can be just as restorative and a lot more affordable. Many cruise lines offer four or five-day voyages; since cruises cost an average of $150 per day, a shorter cruise can ultimately cost half the price of a full-length cruise.

Now that you know how to find good deals on cruises, tell us what you think!

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